Founders Note

I created Parachute because I want people to start and end their days feeling their very best – and that begins with better sheets for a better night’s sleep. Years ago while traveling in Italy, I checked into a picturesque hotel on the Amalfi Coast and discovered the softest, most comfortable bedding. When shopping for sheets later on, I found myself surrounded by stacks of products that all looked the same. I wanted something like those beautiful linens I’d experienced in Europe, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune or settle for something treated with chemicals. I made it my mission to not only offer the best sheets on the market, but to also inspire a community around sleep, wellness and creating a comfortable home. In 2014, Parachute launched with an assortment of Bedding, and today we continue to make exceptional products that deliver the highest quality to you and your family.

With every bedsheet you purchase, SÕL donates $7.50 to a charity in need.

We believe in several important tenants that guide our decisions and make up the very fabric of our company: Fairness; Sustainability; Transparency; Equality; Responsibility.